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With over 30 years of experience, we have earned our reputation as the premier third-party fabric testing resource by helping our customers certify product specifications, meet government regulations and industry standards, and improve the quality of their fabrics.

ISO 9001 Compliance

We maintain consistent and accurate test results through our ISO 9001 quality management system so you have the confidence and certainty you need to get to market faster. Our services and testing procedures are recognized for accuracy and reliability throughout the fabric industry.

State-of-the-art Laboratory

With our extensive inventory of laboratory equipment, we are able to offer you the most comprehensive range of testing services in the market.

TexTest Helps Products Get to Market Quickly—and Safely—Among Changing Regulations


Timely Reporting

Most test results can be faxed or e-mailed to you within five working days. A certified report will also be mailed to you. If you have an urgent need for your test results, we will make every effort to expedite your request.


With over 30 years of experience, we have earned our reputation as the premier third-party fabric testing resource by helping our customers certify product specifications, meet government regulations and industry standards, and improve the quality of their fabrics.

As a comprehensive textile and materials testing laboratory, we provide expertise in evaluation and testing. TexTest engineers provide a full range of testing services for a variety of industries and product categories.

Comprehensive Test Labs

Flammability (7-day turnaround)
ANSI 107
Color change/Colorfastness
Water & Oil

and many more

Industries & Products

Safety Apparel

ANAB Accredited

Textest is ANAB accredited and an approved testing lab.

ANSI-107 High Visibility Garment
California State Fire Marshall Approved Testing Laboratory
and numerous leading brands…

We use the most up-to-date test methods and engage in their development via membership in ASTM, AATCC, AFMA, and IFAI. Based on our years of experience and expert technicians we have complete understanding of current testing standards.

Jennifer Brooks, Testing Manager

We depend on Textest for a wide range of testing to meet customer and government requirements. The primary test we run is Flame Resistance (ASTM D 6413), but other common tests we need performed are Dimensional Stability (AATCC 135 and AATCC 96), Burst Strength (ASTM D 3787), Colorfastness (Various AATCC methods) and Stretch & Recovery (Various ASTM methods). The customer service we receive from Textest is superior. Everyone there is extremely great to work with, and anytime we need anything we get the answers and help we need immediately. On several occasions, we have requested customizations in the way our testing is done and/or reported, and Textest has always been very responsive and willing to accommodate our requests.

Jennifer Brooks, Testing Manager MASSIF
Jeff Stull

We started using Textest in 1997. We have always been very impressed with their fast turnaround time and ability to meet complex test requests. We have historically used Textest for flame resistance testing (ASTM D6413), but we also run a number of routine test batteries that include water penetration/repellency tests, dimensional change, laundry colorfastness, and color coordinates. A large majority of our tests support various R&D projects and validate new product development, but we also use Textest to verify product compliance with either ASTM or NFPA requirements in specifications or government product criteria. Textest is extremely responsive – not only with short test times, but following up on inquiries and questions in a quick and effective manner.

Jeff Stull International Personnel Protection, Inc.
Lucretia Burton, Senior Manager of Product Compliance

For 14 years we have relied on Textest to perform flammability tests on our apparel products. The team at Textest has always been very responsive and efficient with our testing requirements. Since our products must meet certain federal regulations, in addition to customer expectations, we know that Textest is a reliable testing resource to ensure our products are compliant and perform to specification.

Lucretia Burton, Senior Manager of Product Compliance Garan, Inc.
Johnny Gordon

We have used Textest for the past 8 years to perform fiber and color analysis per AATCC and ASTM Standards. They are always timely with our results and the accuracy is never in doubt. We correlate our own internal lab results with information from Textest to ensure our products perform and that our products are compliant with the information included on the labeling and packaging. The Textest staff is also very willing to help when we need testing done in a hurry. They are very good people to work with—reliable, honest and accurate—can’t ask for much more.

Johnny Gordon Russell Brands/Fruit Of The Loom


Whatever your textile testing needs may be, Textest has the solution for you, with the guarantee of always delivering Quality Results and Timely Reporting. We look forward to doing business with you.